Fireman Sam – having fun and learning can be done at the same time

Who wouldn’t know of the famous Fireman Sam and his buddies to save Pontypandy? Young children would learn a lot from this television series especially the act of caring for the others. This TV series was originally narrated but changes happened when it was produced in a different company.

Introducing the characters

The TV series Fireman Sam’s main character is the fireman of Pontypandy, Sam. A friendly and brave fireman that is ready to offer help to anyone who needs it. This little fireman is known to drive the Jupiter, a fire engine and Fireman Sam is famous for his line, “Great fires of London!” His fellow fireman like Elvis and Penny are also famous in these series. Elvis, which has an opposite character to Sam, is indeed a great fireman, in his own way. He gets into trouble because of his ideas. He is called Elvis for he has the same hairstyle.

The only female member of Fireman Sam’s team is Penny. She possess the attitude of being brave and adventurous like Sam and like Elvis she thinks of different ideas but it will turn out to be good which is not the same for Elvis. Penny drives the Venus, a kind of transportation used by the fire crew to transport their materials, and on some occasions, she also drives the Neptune, a rubber lifeboat.

Other members of the series are Officer Steele and Fireman Trevor. Fireman Trevor is a fireman known to love crickets. Office Steele is the head of the fire station in Pontypandy is very particular about the hygiene and orderliness in the station.

Fireman Sam extended

fireman samAside from the TV series of Fireman Sam, its official site is developed to provide viewers the chance to know the characters more, play games, and to see videos of Sam and his friends. Actual interaction can be done by the viewers and games would entertain them and learn how to be a fireman at the very least.

On the other hand, the merchandises are also available which can be purchased in the site too. It gives a lot of learning to young children. The act of helping, being imaginative and creative can be developed by kids at an early age just by watching or playing the character as he and his fellow firemen helps Pontypandy to rescue, save and help everyone who needs it.